Sporting history

How Ella become a Commonwealth games gold medallist at 17.

High school student of Sunshine Beach State high school, Ella Boot became an Australian Karate champion 6 times and earned her 2nd Dan black belt before transitioning to boxing. At 16 years old, I was a highly athletic girl always competing in the school carnivals for swimming, track and field, cross country running and team events. I had always found sport to be a way to switch off from learning and I knew that with activity throughout the day school would become much easier. In my senior years of high school I remember competing in boxing, I was flying around Australia and Internationally for tournaments. I missed many high school experiences, I had to study overseas and catch up on classes as well as not making school graduation. My friends were asking me to make it to their birthdays and occasional parties but I couldn’t be up too late. I sacrificed a lot for boxing throughout my teenage years but I am so proud and happy with every decision I made to commit to my boxing dream.

Year 12 at 17 years old, I was in my final year of school and found myself overseas competing in England, Hungary, The bahamas and India for high level competitions, a Commonwealth Games and a World Championship. I went to England and Hungary with a female youth team to fight in 3 tournaments. I won all 3 events, 2 of which were by TKO. This gave me the opportunity to represent Australia at the upcoming Commonwealth games in the Bahamas; here I won the gold medal beating my two opponents from NZ and India. In November that same year, I was travelling to India to fight against the whole world representing Australia for a world title. I beat my first opponent and fell short in the semi-finals against the Gold medallist from Korea. I was disappointed that I had put everything on the line and didn’t get the result I came for but I knew that it was all worth it. I wouldn’t change anything I did to prepare for the competition, I wouldn’t change my decision to skip graduation and schoolies with all my friends. 2017 was my biggest year and it was only just the beginning of my boxing journey.

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