EB Boxing PT/Coaching


1:1 coaching available- Learn olympic style boxing skills

-Our 1:1 boxing sessions focus on correct boxing form & development of skills, improving in all areas of fitness including strength, agility, co-ordination, speed and cardiovascular endurance.

-Each session is adapted to train our clients individually so we are suitable for both males and females of all levels interested in boxing.


Our mission is to have a positive impact on our clients lifestyle and perspective on fitness through developing exciting boxing skills and training.


Ella Boot is an Australian National boxing champion with 5 years boxing + 9 years karate background. Ella has won numerous State & National boxing titles, Commonwealth games gold, World championship bronze and international tournaments against some of the highest class female boxers in the world. Ella’s approach to fitness & boxing has always been about making it a lifestyle, enjoying the journey with a smile and becoming the best version of yourself.


In the 8 week program you will see vast improvements on your fitness levels in all components.

Technical boxing

You will learn valuable boxing skills including self defence, striking and specific movement patterns.

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